Service エンジニアリング事業 Service エンジニアリング事業

Sales engineers with extensive experience and specialized qualifications provide one-stop support from equipment selection to installation.


We provide total support from proposing DX promotion, automation, and labor saving at manufacturing sites to responding to troubles and maintenance inspections.


Career field

  • 自動化・省力化・DXソリューション

    labor saving/
    DX solutions

  • 機械器具設置工事

    Machine equipment

  • 管工事

    Pipe work

  • 電気工事


  • 建具工事(シャッター.パーティション)

    Joinery work

  • 保守点検サービス


One stop

  • コンサルティング


  • 設 計


  • 製 作


  • 保守点検


  • Consulting コンサルティング


    Our sales engineers, who are familiar with all types of manufacturing sites, carefully listen to customers' issues and requests. Consulting is also a valuable opportunity to discover issues that the customer could not have discovered on their own, and is an important step in proposing solutions that go beyond what the customer was hoping for.

    Consulting コンサルティング
  • Plan 設 計


    Based on the content of the consultation, we collaborate with manufacturers and partner companies to design the best plan to solve the customer's problems. By taking into account multiple factors such as functionality, ease of operation, delivery time, and cost, we present a plan that will satisfy the customer in total.

    Plan 設 計
  • Produce 製作・施工


    Once you are satisfied with the design plan and place your order, we will begin manufacturing and construction. Yamakyu, which has a wealth of licenses, provides one-stop service for a variety of construction work, from mechanical equipment installation work, plumbing work, electrical and fitting work, to maintenance and repair. We will respond to your detailed requests.

    Produce 製作・施工
  • Maintainance 保守・点検


    Because machinery and equipment are used for decades, we want to keep them in top condition at all times. With this in mind, Yamakyu regularly maintains and inspects the products delivered to our customers. We also accept consultations on product improvements, additions, and upgrades at any time, depending on your requests.

    Maintainance 保守・点検

Qualified person

Specific permission for machinery and equipment installation work

Supervisory person with work experience (1 person)
Mechanical equipment supervision technician (1 person)

Plumbing work specific permission

1st grade pipe construction management engineer (2 people)
2nd grade pipe construction management engineer (5 people)
Management work supervision engineer (1 person)

Electrical work general permit

2nd grade electrical work construction management engineer (1 person)

Joinery construction general permit

2nd grade Architectural construction management engineer/finishing (2 people)

Foreman/safety and health supervisor training participants (30 people)

Asbestos-containing building materials surveyor (2 people)

Case Study エンジニアリング事業の事例 Case Study エンジニアリング事業の事例

Case Study Engineering business example

  • 自動化、省力化、DXソリューション


    Automation, labor saving, DX solutions

    • Food manufacturing factory: Image detection system & conveyance line installation
    • Resin film factory: Leak check automatic device installed
    • Engine manufacturing factory: Installation of engine shipping transportation line
  • 機械器具設置
    Photo provided by: Nissho Technica Co., Ltd.


    Mechanical equipment settings

    • Metal processing factory: Installed gate-type machining center
    • Can factory: Installation of Co2 laser processing machine (use of energy saving subsidy in 2019)
    • Steel processing factory: 10t crane production and installation
  • 管工事


    Pipe work

    • Metal processing workshop: air conditioning equipment construction (100 horsepower 12 systems)
    • Food factory: simple constant temperature and humidity air conditioning equipment construction (equipped)
    • Non-metal processing factory: Compressor & quantity control installation work
    • Machine manufacturing factory: Cooling tower installation work
  • 電気、建具、その他工事


    Electricity, fittings, and other construction work

    • Metal processing factory: Large heavy shutter renewal work
    • Food factory: Sheet shutter renewal work (with instrumentation)
    • Food factory: Air shower renewal work
    • Metal processing factory: High ceiling LED renewal work
  • 保守、点検サービス


    Maintenance and inspection services

    • Periodic compressor inspection
    • Hoist/crane annual inspection
    • Large motor maintenance work
    • Air conditioning equipment cleaning work
    • Pump/fan maintenance work
    • PLC (sequencer), servo motor, amplifier repair, data recovery repair service

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